Copywriting Strategies You Can Use: Even If You failed in English

Copywriting Strategies You Can Use: Even If You failed in English


How are your copywriting skills? Do you want to learn how to write good copy that will attract visitors to your website like a fly to a fly trap?

If you don’t write good copy you won’t have visitors checking out your website, and if no one is checking out your website you are not going to have any sales.

So, what is copywriting?

Copywriting- Is the use of words to convey a message.

The words you write tell a story, teach a lesson, they compel the customer to buy, and they have a call to action.
Copywriting is used when writing your;

1. blog post

2. sending out emails to your team or leads

3. advertising your company

Every part of your copy requires use of good copywriting skills;

The subject



Content body

Call to action

Bio box

About me page

When you are copywriting, consider these important tips; write copy that is easy to read. The layout of your copy should not be cluttered but clean and focused. The paragraphs should be short that is 4 lines or less, and your sentences short.

Include interesting facts, and descriptions as well as stories that generate emotion and draw people in.

When you write you need to be yourself, don’t try and write in a style that is not you. In other words write the way you speak. There is nothing more powerful than when you communicate in the written word the same way you talk to people.

After you have completed your writing task; read it quietly, then read it aloud, then record yourself reading it, Listen to the natural progression of your message.

Would you continue reading your own message, if you received it in an email?

When you write a post, you want to compel people to take action. The story you write will come through in your words.
Write as if you were speaking and addressing the problems of one person in your target market.

You need to get your copy in front of your target market, and you need to know your customers. That means knowing what your customers like as well as what they don’t like.

Think about these questions before you begin to write;

Who is your prospect?

What is their problem?

How can you solve it?

If you want to become a great copywriter you need to write daily the more you write the better your copy will become overtime, especially if you are new to writing and it is not your area of expertise.

Read daily books from 6 figure leaders, mind-set book, personal development books, and books on success.

Study successful marketers and model them.

Invest in books, courses, and coaching.

Measure the response to your copywriting.

Split test your copywriting.

And again write daily, this cannot be said enough.

Just because you are not a writer by profession does not mean that you can’t write copy also. It’s a matter of writing again and again and again.

When you learn how to be an effective copywriter, success is waiting for YOU.

Where to start:

Map out a plan and take the time to learn the business. Be consistent in what you do.

If you are in my business this is what I teach my team to do daily,


Follow the 8 core steps

1. 2 sign-ups a day.

2. Blog daily, and syndicate your content and share it with others.

3. Market your business daily.

4. Do new member coaching.

5. Listen to the Empower Hour.

6. Listen daily to audios.

7. Read daily.

8. Attend events.

Step up as a leader!

If you’re not ALL IN then you need to get in NOW!

Copy Writing Strategies You Can Use: Even If You failed in English

Yours in Success,


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P.P.S. Leave your comments, questions, and thoughts below.

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2 Responses to Copywriting Strategies You Can Use: Even If You failed in English

  1. Adrienne

    Hi Susan,

    Those are some awesome tips for copywriting. I think I’ve followed the majority of your tips accept the reading it out loud. I never even thought about that.

    The writing in your own voice I have learned is crucial. Boy, I wasted so much time not doing that so it’s highly recommended for sure.

    Whatever you do, be sure to study others and never stop learning. There is always room for improvement.

    Adrienne recently posted..Are You Making These Social Media MistakesMy Profile

    • Susan says:


      Thanks I really appreciate it. I find that if I reread wharever I am writing out loud I can
      catch my mistakes and also I listen to the sound of my voice.

      That is a for sure we should never stop learning, I will admit I have so much to learn and I am learning alot of stuff from you.

      Have a great day!


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